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Halo 3 first came out in 2007, it became really popular it was the game of the year and the game of the dedcade. The story is that chief comes from space and he crashes into a jungle called seria 117 they have to get to the underground base then the covenant there the badies they take over and everyone escapes. They go to a place and the halo ring which destroys the hloe world and somthing called the flood come out. The big ships destroy it but it styill survives so it sucks everyone. Then they go to a place called the ark to stop the halo rings from firing and then it fires and the arbiter a elite kills truth a alien who wants to fire the ring. The flood come ou t and the chief saves cortana and blows up the ring. Cortana has all the information inportant to the UNSC( united nation space command) and the escape the destruction and chief and the arbiter are in space but the arbiter halfbreaks and goes down to earth while chiefs half stays in space and freezes himself and wants to awaken when they need him. Everyone on Earth thinks the master chief is dead but frozen lost in space as for sergeant johnson he dies.

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